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"Thank you to Kristen and the faculty, students and families of The Artist Collective for creating a safe and supportive space for my dancer to learn, train, engage creatively, and perform. The Artist Collective considers the needs of the individual dancer as well as the group, including finding opportunities for growth and experiences both within and outside of the studio."

 - Adrienne Nelson


"Kristen is a true talent and awesome individual. She created a dance studio that strikes the fine balance between being totally professional and at the same time down to earth. The top-notch level of training she provides has taught my daughter life skills she’ll need no matter what her career path will be. Nicole is a rare gem as a role model for my daughter.  She looks out for her as a dancer and individual. She really knows her and has been a big part of her growth in this last year. We are beyond thankful for such a stellar team and community."

- Stephanie Elias

"Kristen has created a wonderful, creatively nurturing space in which dancers of all types, ages, and interests can thrive. My daughter has felt so nurtured and encouraged here, and both her technique and performance skills have grown immensely. But what she truly loves are the relationships she has been able to create with her teachers and fellow dancers, as well as the opportunity to express herself creatively."

- Anonymous 


"The Artist Collective is an amazing studio for dancers who want to learn, challenge themselves and have fun. The director, Kristen Robinson, and all of the teachers are highly skilled, professional, fun, and supportive. My daughter has thrived at TAC over the last year and is so grateful to be a part of this studio and community."

 - Robin Strug

"Home. That's the way this studio feels. Kristen Robinson is not only an incredible studio owner, choreographer, teacher, and mentor - she's a fierce advocate for her students as artists, and individuals. She's created a special place where dancers receive the highest level of training, without the cutthroat and toxic atmosphere that can go along with a competitive dance studio. There is no drama, just dance. The training is extremely individualized, and she will support your child however far they want to go - YAGP ballet, preparing for performing arts high school, or college dance major/minor. She's cultivated a strong and talented team of choreographers and teachers that share her same focus on supporting and mentoring dancers. Nicole holds a special place in our hearts, and gives her whole self to mentoring young dancers who are lucky enough to learn from her. It says a lot that the students who graduate come back to dance and support the studio whenever they are in town (the parents too!). Grateful doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about The Artist Collective and Kristen." 

- Amy Glover

"I would recommend TAC to any dancer who aspires  to improve technically and artistically, and who is looking for a studio that has very high standards without the unnecessary stress and pressure many dancers experience at other studios. Not only has our daughter found a place that makes her a better dancer, she has also found a wonderful group of friends in her teammates and, most importantly, an incredibly caring, supportive and encouraging group of dance teachers. We're so thankful to Kristen, Nicole, Lesli and Pat for being such wonderful mentors to all dancers. TAC is our daughter's safe space."

- Eugenia Rosenthal


"TAC has been transformative in my daughter's dance as well as her development as an individual. It has become a home for her where she feels safe and loved. Quite simply TAC has become her family. Kristen and the other phenomenal TAC teachers have become her mentors and have helped guide her to become the person she is. I will be forever grateful for the experience she has had there. I can not recommend this studio enough."

-Jan Birch  

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