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The Artist Collective Preprofessional Company is a boutique dance studio experience aiming to train, guide and mentor young artists in their dancing and creative pursuits.

Under the direction of Kristen Robinson, the TAC Company and Pre-Company will not only participate in the dance competition and convention circuit, but also be given opportunities to explore different facets of the dance industry and the arts and entertainment world. At TAC, we understand some students may want to pursue dance professionally and others may not; our goal is to see each student individually and provide support, tools, opportunities and skills for them to utilize their dance experience for their specific endeavors.  The benefits gained from a preprofessional dance company will take a person far in any area or path they choose to embark on. The TAC faculty works to instill professionalism, work ethic, goal setting, time management, creative exploration, commitment, open mindedness, discipline and consistency in the TAC Company and Pre-Company dancers through the medium of dance training.


Every dancer invited to be a part of the TAC Company and Pre-Company are given what we call a “TAC Track.” This is a proposed plan of training and experiences designed specifically for their growth. Every dancer receives feedback from their audition, assessment of where they are currently and where we hope for them to get to by the end of the dance season. We hope every dancer and parent knows that we always have their best interest at the forefront of our hearts and minds and are excited to be on this journey with each TAC Company and Pre-Company participant.


We as a staff work collaboratively to make decisions for each dancer based on what we believe is the best way for them to improve in their dance technique, artistry and to develop their creative voice as well as gaining life skills along the way. At TAC, we want all of our dancers to be successful. We want them to apply themselves in dance to find those moments of success and build the confidence to carry them into their next steps in their lives whether that be starting middle school, getting their first job, attending college, becoming a leader in their communities etc. In addition to an individualized approach, the TAC Company and Pre-Company dancers will be a part of an artistic community of likeminded people. With the guidance of the TAC faculty and staff, we hope for it to feel like a family that uplifts, encourages and supports every member.

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