TAC “Next Steps” Prep


Another benefit to the TAC Preprofessional Company, is the support high school students and graduating seniors receive from the TAC faculty in preparation for their next steps. We believe dance will take any individual far and encourage the TAC students to utilize dance for their next steps whether they choose to pursue dance professionally or take another path into another career or field of study.


College Prep/Post-Grad Programs:


Letters of Recommendation from TAC teachers

Solo choreography for college applications or college auditions

Filming for applications (for students wishing to major in Dance or another field)

Arts supplement portfolio prep with TAC teachers

Alumni connections at reputable Universities


Professional Dance Career:

Agency connections/recommendations

Dance reel and resumé assistance

Individual mentorship for entering the dance industry

Audition tips and practice

Introductions to industry choreographers and directors



Our faculty have all worked in the professional world within the dance and entertainment industry as well as an array of other fields. We aim to support all TAC students in their specific post-graduate goals and assist them in utilizing their dance experience to help them stand out in a group of candidates for schools, jobs, abroad programs and internships.